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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 18, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. making news in america this morning. breaking right now. more unrest in ferguson. clashes with police going well into the night. plus, what we've learned about this morning and about the victim and the officer in the shooting that sparked these protests. on the defense, rick perry opening up on the cminal charges brought against him. what he's saying about the dictment and the prosecutor at the center of the investigation. survival story. a man lost in the mountains for days. what he did with pine needles that led to his rescue. and a new video of robyn williams, sending a cancer patient a message of hope. >> much love to you, baby.
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good morning, i'm michelle franzen. >> and i'm devin dwyer. begin breaking news overnight. the governor of missouri ordering the national guard to restore peace in ferguson. looking like a middle east war zone with another night of shooting, looting and vandalism. >> molotov cocktails aimed at police. we have the latest. >> reporter: morning, we are told the violence really escalate when had a group of hundreds of people started making their way here to the police command center. throwing multiple molotov cocktails at officers. they had no choice but to have the strong response we saw here last night. chaos erupting again in ferguson, missouri. police in armored vehicles launching tear gas and smoke canisters into the crowd
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following reports someone may have thrown a molotov cocktail at officers. >> there were shootings, looting, vandalism and other acts of violence that clearly appear not to have been spontaneous, were premeditated criminal acts. >> reporter: unfolding hours before the mandatory curfew put in place by the governor. a so far failed attempt to calm the violence since michael brown was shot and killed by an officer last weekend. there are now details of a preliminary autopsy revealing that the 18-year-old was shot at least six times, at least twice in the head. two more autopsies are being done. but preliminarily they were not fired at close range. police maintained that officer darren wilson was in some sort of altercation before he shot him.
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as the investigation continues, protesters say they will be out on these streets every day. >> this is going to last until an arrest is made. that's the primary reason we're out here protesting. >> reporter: police were shot at, no one was hurt. and what to do next to keep the peace here. for now they are not considering calling in the national guard. devin and michelle. >> our thanks to marcy for that. as you heard, a private autopsy found the teen was shot aleast six times. >> abc news confirmed the results was autopsy ordered by the family. found that he was shot four times in the arm and twice in the head. a high caliber forensic pathologist flown in from new york said they were all fire into the brown's front. >> but the doctor who performed the autopsy say they neither assign blame or justify the shooting.
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and we have new details about the police officer who fired the shots. >> it's 28-year-old darren wilson, a six-year veteran of the ferguson police force. he was just commended in february for doing an extraordinary effort in the line of duty. >> he's a gentleman and a quiet officer and has been an excellent officer for the police department. it's devastating. he never intend for any of this to happen. >> witness don't share that sentiment. they said he yelled and cursed at his friend, and he fired shots even after brown put his hands up and begged for his life. officer wins is in hiding. we will stay with abc news for the latest. and later on "good morning america," an exclusive interview with michael brown's mother lesley mcspad den. and pummelling isis militants. the pentagon released these new
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images. one of 30 attacks aimed at loosening the grip on the mosul dam. they are taking back part of the dam, but isis still controls a third of iraq's territory. iraq is one of the issues that's brought the president back to the white house. he's back in washington. his daughter, malia, flew back with him. today he meets on iraq and with the attorney general on the trouble in ferguson. in texas today, republican governor rick perry is expected to meet with the special prosecutor who brought criminal charges against him. he is chargesed trying to force this district attorney out of office. she served jail time for this drunk driving arrest. perry said she's unfit to serve despite what voters said. >> i stood up for the rule of
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law, and i would make exactly the same decision. >> both perry and the district attorney claim that the other is playing politics. the governor will be arraigned tomorrow. a new ebola threat this morning, this time in new mexico. a 30-year-old is stable at the university of new mexico hospital with ebola-like symptoms. she was in see yair a lyonne. and state health officials are runs tests. new overnight, pope francis wrapped up his five day trip to south korea. his last official event was a mass at seoul's main cathedral. francis urged both koreas to nd new ways to make peace. that started as the u.s. and south korea started a joint military drill. and julian assange may be
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considering surrender. he has been holed uin paris for two years and needs treatment for heart and lung problems. he has been investigated by u.s. authorities since wikeaks had classified documentsnd wanted in sweden for sexual offices. and in the angeles national forest, a wildfire. fire crews are facing intense heat and parched, rugged terrain. the fire is just 5% contained. a much different scene in parts of arkansas. severe storms zrenched the little rock area yesterday, triggering flooding up to the doorsteps at an apartment complex. residents were forced to evacuate. thousands of people lost pouwer. and time for today's
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weather. heavy rain from florida up into the ohio valley with more showers for the upper midwest. and a band of thunderstorms that stretches from the texas gulf coast up into the colorado rockies. temperatures today. it's looking a lot more like august across the country in the 80s and 90s. up and into the triple digits in the southwest. but only the 70s in new england and the great lakes. holiday hours in august? the major retailer that's already keeping its doors open much later. and more than a dozen children taken to the hospital after taking a swim in a hotel pool. and walk off winner, a dramatic win in the little league world series.
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welcome back. we start with target and the new open late policy. the retailer says it's going to start keeping its doors open until midnight at more than half the u.s. stores. target believes that will give it an advantage in the battle against online retailers. but it may be a little late, walmart already keeps 70% of its stores open 24 hours. the bourbon industry is betting the boom is going to continue. they are now overproducing, believing its popularity will remain strong. if it does, there will be plenty of supply to meet demand. but if drinkers sour on bourbon, companies will have too much supply. and the expendables 3 opened in fourth place. teenage mutant ninja turtles
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raked in more than $28 million. gar guardians of the galaxy, $24 million, let's be cops, number three. and the starbucks pumpkin latte is coming back. with an online scavenger hunt, may be able to purchase is next week. and it launches nationwide september 2nd. >> fall is just around the corner. >> it is. when we come back, alive after being stuck in the wilderness for several days. what this man learned to save his life. plus, parked at the bottom of a pool, how a car ended up like this. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars?
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in the annual anything that floats race in the florida keys. those who entered the race could use whatever they wanted to help keep them afloat. the only items that were offlimits, motors, inflatable rafts, foam or pool toys. it seems like everyone had a great time. now the morning road conditions on land here. wet roads from the lower mississippi valley up to the ohio valley and the midwest. and south texas up into the southwest. and flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, chicago and phoenix. new this morning, swimming pool water at a colorado hotel has sent more than a dozen children to the hospital. >> at least one was sickened after drinking the water from the pool at the homewood suites hotel near the denver international airport. >> they are 6 to 17 years old. and no word on the exact cause of the sickness or the kids' condition. and a bizarre car accident
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near los angeles. this white sedan smashed through a garage door. the 85-year-old driver at the wheel managed to make it out unharmed. he told police he lost control when his sandals got caught in the pedals. and a socialite who's closet was burglarized. it was caught on camera, more than a million dollars was taken. now a person claiming to be the thief says the items are fake. that person claims to have requested half a million dollars to return the goods and remain silent about them. that ran some hasn't been paid. investigators in northeastern arkansas trying to determine the cause of a deadly train collision. two rains killed two crew members and injured two others. causing a huge fire that took seven hours to extinguish.
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hundreds of people had to evacuate. a sacramento, california man, is sharing his harrowing time after five days with no food. he ventured into the woods and couldn't find his way out. he used pine needles to make a scene hoping it was big enough for rescuers to spot. >> i made the help like tom hanks in castaway. i heard the helicopters on more than a few occasions. they were in the distance. get emotional, are they going to see me? and then nothing. >> reporter: before he was rescued, he survived on water from puddles. he didn't think he would make it out alive, so he carved a note to his family on a piece of wood. >> pine needles, that's a new one. and college football's defending champs, the florida state seminoles, starting the
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pre-season at number one. >> and baseball, talk about drama. details. welcome inside "sportscenter," i'm robert flores. major league baseball and little league. world series in williamsport, pennsylvania and texas, tied at six in the final inning. ty shanahan grounded to short. wild throw, zion spearman scores, mo'ne davis and her pennsylvania teammates advancing 7-6. double header, a crazy pair of games between the reds and rockies. rockies score five in the bottom of the ninth, capped off by this three-run walk off homer by the former red. they win 10-9. and the second game, win 10-5, hitting for the cycle. the seventh rockies player to do that. and the first since 2010.
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all seven cycles in team history have been recorded at coors field. and he caps it off with a double in the eighth in. cuddyer once hit in the american league with the twins, this time in the national league. monday night football, johnny manziel and the browns facing washington. for more, check out a live "sportscenter," 9:00 a.m., on espn. thanks, guys. up next in the pulse, a message of hope from robin williams to a cancer patient going viral. >> and also going viral, justin timberlake makes one boy's birthday wish come true.
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is monday, august 18 we're on several developing stories, including new details in the deadly shooting of of an unarmed teenager. the details of appear autopsy are out. we'll have a live update. two joggers were attacked on the popular trail in philadelphia. philadelphia is bursting with pride as the taney dragons advance to the next round of the little league world series. we have traffic updates as we get you going on the new workweek. "action news" subpoena in two. rockies. and finally, we told you earlier about the message of hope from robin williams to a mother battling cancer. >> now an inside account of how one of his most beloved movie
4:28 am
roles came to be. >> it's all about williams at his comedic best. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: since robin williams had this role, the genie in aladdin many are choosing to remember him by. eric goldberg animated his genius. >> it speaks to robin's immense ables and warmth. >> 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck. >> reporter: the role was created for williams by directors ron clements and john musker. >> we had a script. >> aladdin. call you al? just din? laddie. >> when we got robin in the booth, if that's a road map, then robin took lots of detours. >> let's blow this pop sick kl
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stand. >> we have so much stuff, let's do it again. >> the ever-impressive -- here's the deal. >> he can do so much with his voice to make it expressive, to make it change mootds, to make it be different characters. >> and to have that voice attached to that brain -- >> yeah, exactly. >> come on, kid, got to get the snakes, eh? >> a mind that was special and unique and went to places that most of us have never been. >> he was a real-life genie. you know? and, boy, did he grant our wishes. >> no matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> his humor will never get old. still laughing, right? >> glad he took the detours. >> it's a classic. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great, great monday.
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>> good morning we're following new developments out of ferguson, missouri on this monday, august 18. preliminary results of an independent autopsy on a unarmed teen shot and killed by a police officer have been made public. a 19-year-old skate boarder captured on video beating a park ranger is talking about the encounter. >> another win put the


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